Oana Cambrea

Oana is an artist who discovered digital art back in 2006 and has been exploring this field since. Working mainly in Photoshop, she uses the effect of strange figures and strong contrasts to create a bizzare and intriguing world open to the people willing to see it. The characters usually come to life from photos of human models, but sometimes also from modelling clay figurines and pencil sketches.

Some of her images are displayed at the 115 Digital Art Gallery in Bucharest, Romania (the only digital art exhibition in south-eastern Europe), and at the American International School of Bucharest, along with Matei Apostolescu's work under the title "Romania's Best Digital Artists".

Her work has also been featured on numerous digital art sites (deviantart.com, humblevoice.com, artlimited.net etc.) and in various online and printed publications. Oana created the covers of several books such as Arlene Ang's "Secret Love Poems", Zoe Valdes' "The Instant of Eternity", Radu Constantinescu's "Filosofia sexului" (The Philosophy of Sex) etc.

She is currently working as a graphic designer at an advertising agency in Bucharest.

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